Meet Our Pastors

“Just Remind People What A Free Mind Can Do” – The Matrix Ressurections

Our Mission

No Reservations provides a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and self-discovery, embracing seekers and reformers alike. We foster intersectional relationships and draw on prophetic wisdom to guide individuals towards realizing their authentic selves and inner Divine nature.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a world where individuals can embrace their true potential and inner Divine nature, breaking free from self-destructive cycles. We strive to heal societal divides and lead humanity towards a spiritually evolved and harmonious future.

Rev. Harold Marrero, Lead Pastor & Executive Director

My name is Harold Marrero, and my life has been deeply intertwined with faith and the church since I was 15. At its core, the church serves as a beacon for societal transformation and human improvement, though at times it may pose challenges for those seeking to understand their divine purpose.

I hold a Master’s degree in Theology from the Chicago Theological Seminary at the University of Chicago, focusing on Christian Liberation Theology and Interreligious Dialogue. Currently, I am completing a Doctoral Degree in Christian Leadership at Duke Divinity School, Duke University. My research explores the Emergent Church Movement in the West and the application of psychoanalytic theories—specifically Bowen’s Family System Theory and Self-Differentiation—within biblical contexts and pastoral leadership. I have also been selected as a contributor at The European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy, where I discussed “How the Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Automation Can Save the West Through the Application of Christian Liberation Theology & Ethics.”

As a Cuban Queer Hispanic faith leader, my unique intersectional experience offers a valuable perspective for dialogue and reflection, particularly for those marginalized by rigid religious structures and families. I am a staunch advocate for a 21st-century faith that can inspire collective movements for change, engaging with individuals who recognize the flaws in the status quo and have the courage, vision, and wisdom to drive transformation.

Dr. Daniel Sheridan, Pastor of Faith Formation & COO

Welcome to No Reservations! As Director of Faith Formation for No Reservations, I’m here to help you to discover your authentic self without reservation and live a more fulfilling life in alignment with your internal Divine nature.

In addition to my pastoral role for No Reservations, I’m a Licensed Psychologist providing individual counseling and psychoanalysis. I’m also in the process of completing post-graduate certification in adult psychoanalysis through the Florida Psychoanalytic Center. For nearly five years, I served as the Clinical Director for the Children’s Bereavement Center, a Miami-based non-profit offering free grief support groups for individuals of all ages following the loss of a loved one.

No Reservations is open to anyone. If you feel curious or uncertain, I encourage you to come to one of our programs and try it out. The path towards knowing oneself and living authentically can feel scary at times; however, in my experience, it is absolutely worth it, and I would love to help you on your quest to self-discovery.