Our Programs

“Humanity alone possesses a God. The power to transcend the now… the inner God called ‘Possibility.’” – Banagher Links

It’s All About Community

At No Reservations, we believe in the transformative power of community, introspection, and shared experiences. Our diverse array of programs is designed to cater to different needs, whether you’re seeking spiritual growth, community involvement, or personal transformation. Explore our offerings and find the journey that speaks to you.

The Rundown

Each of our programs is an invitation to grow, connect, and redefine your journey. Whether you’re seeking spiritual depth, community involvement, or personal growth, No Reservations has a place for you. Subscribe to our newsletter, the Rundown, and follow us on social media to stay updated on our programs and how you can be part of something greater.

Discover your path with No Reservations — where every event is an opportunity for transformation.


Re:Connect is a transformative journey that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to foster mutual growth, understanding, and support. Guided by the principles of Analytic Faith, this program encourages deep introspection and communal healing. Participants share personal stories within a safe, respectful environment, building empathy and understanding that pave the way for authenticity and personal victories.


Re:Define challenges participants to integrate their faith with the complexities of the 21st century. This program blends Christian theology with psychoanalytic theory, offering a sanctuary for those reevaluating traditional beliefs through modern perspectives. Engage in a collective voyage that deepens your spiritual connections while embracing the challenges of contemporary life.

Mosaic Brunch

Experience the joy of togetherness at Mosaic Sunday Brunch, a weekly gathering that emphasizes the profound act of sharing a meal. This program promotes a sense of belonging and companionship, offering a space where everyone can give and receive encouragement. Join us every Sunday for meaningful relationships and emotional support in various locations throughout South Florida.

Wine Club

Join us at the No Reservations Wine Club, a monthly social gathering designed to foster community and connections. Held in the welcoming homes of our members on select Friday or Saturday evenings, Wine Club offers a themed, relaxed atmosphere for both members and their friends to unwind, socialize, and build lasting relationships. This event is open to all, making it the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enjoy good company without the formalities of structured discussions.


At No Reservations, we believe that psychoanalysis is not just a therapeutic tool but a foundational journey towards living authentically and connecting deeply with your Divine essence. It’s central to our ethos and integral to helping our community members navigate and transform their lives.

Second Tier

Dedicated to empowering local non-profits, Second Tier Ministry provides the tools, resources, and support necessary for community organizations to flourish. We focus on collaborative partnerships and affordable quality services to enhance the capabilities of non-profits, helping them to serve their communities more effectively and drive significant local change.