Sunday School Theology

“I believe that if God exists, our knowledge of (God) is imperfect. Why? Because the stories and myths we have are products of (humans), the passage of time.” Gaius Baltar

Liberation Today. Liberation Tomorrow. Liberation Forever.

Welcome to Sunday School Theology, a dynamic program designed for those eager to explore the depths of their beliefs and breathe new life into age-old teachings. At No Reservations, we believe that understanding our spiritual heritage in the light of contemporary life is essential for a vibrant and relevant faith journey.

Our Sunday School Theology program offers more than just a revisit to familiar stories and doctrines; it is a transformative experience that deconstructs traditional Christian concepts to uncover their profound meanings and applications in today’s complex world. This series is tailored for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and engage critically with their spiritual roots.

Key Features of Sunday School Theology:


Dive deeper into the foundational Christian teachings that you thought you knew. Those who grew up in the church remember those colorful bible stories; the truth behind them is much more fascinating than the fiction we were told. 


Discover how ancient doctrines can be interpreted and applied in the context of modern challenges and realities. New isn’t always fresh, and old isn’t always stale. Knowing how ancient wisdom can be applied to our modern lives will unfold a future teaming with infinite possibilities.


Engage in enriching discussions and reflections with a diverse community of learners and seekers. Experiencing the stories that inform Western civilization through the lived experiences of others can open new doors of understanding for the tales that make us who we are as a society. 

Explore, Reflect, and Connect:

Through guided discussions, reflective practices, and community interaction, participants in the Sunday School Theology program embark on a journey of discovery. Each session is an opportunity to see traditional doctrines in new lights, challenging preconceptions and enriching your personal faith experience.

Your Journey Through Faith:

Whether you are questioning, affirming, or expanding your beliefs, the Sunday School Theology program provides a supportive and enlightening environment for all. It’s about transforming the way you think about faith, making it more personal, and more attuned to the realities of the world around you.

A Future-Oriented Faith Perspective

Re:Discover – Explore. Connect. Transform.

Collective Faith Concepts

Our Collective Faith Concepts are foundational to everything we do at No Reservations. This page explores the core beliefs that shape our community and teachings, promoting a faith experience that is inclusive, reflective, and transformative. By exploring these concepts, you will gain a better understanding of what makes our community unique and different from other faith traditions.

Songs of the Soul

Songs of the Soul is not your typical weekly message; it’s an exploration of individual journeys towards authenticity, shared through the universal language of music. Each week, we invite a member of No Reservations to engage in a conversation that delves deep into the personal significance of their chosen songs. These songs are not just melodies; they are reflections of the paths our members have walked and the struggles they’ve encountered along the way.

Faith Questions

In Faith Questions, we tackle the big questions that resonate within the hearts and minds of our community. This is an invitation to engage in profound explorations of what faith means in the 21st century and beyond. It’s a space that values openness and diverse perspectives, making it perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding and express their spiritual curiosities.

Our Faith Network

Through Our Faith Partners, we collaborate with various faith-based organizations that share our vision of inclusive and engaged spiritual practice. This intentionally curated network of partners extends our reach, allowing us to offer a more robust support system and a more comprehensive range of resources to our community members, all while maintaining a connection to traditional and contemporary worship settings.

Community Partners

Our Community Network is at the heart of our mission to build and support strong, sustainable communities. Take a look at the many local and national organizations that connect individuals and groups within our community, enhancing our collective capacity to support one another, share resources, and grow together both spiritually and socially.