Authenticity from Within to Reform Without

“All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended.” – Robert Frobisher


Collective Call to Prayer: Psalm 80:7-15 | Collective Edition

Revive us, Spirit of Infinite Possibility;
let your inner light glow, that we may find our way.

From the depths of our struggles and histories,
you guide us towards community and unity.
You pave the way for authenticity;
it roots deeply, reaching every soul.
Hearts unite in its embrace,
shelters of hope with its message;
it extends its love to every corner,
its embrace to every being.
Yet, why do barriers still arise,
causing many to lose sight of their true selves?
Distractions of the world cloud our vision,
and societal pressures sway us from our path.

Return to us, Spirit of Everlasting Love;
gaze upon us and witness;
cherish this unity,
the bond of shared authenticity and love.

So, say we all. Amen!  

Mindful Moment

Words of Wisdom: Matthew 21: 33-46 | Collective Edition

“Listen closely to another story. Imagine life as a community garden, where each of us plants seeds of love, hope, and justice. The Creator nurtured this garden and entrusted it to all people. When it was time to share the fruits of love and justice, the Creator sent messengers to remind everyone. But many ignored, mistreated, and even harmed these messengers. The Creator then sent their most authentic Self, their inner Christ, thinking, ‘Surely, they will recognize and honor this divine spark.’ But instead, they cast it out and silenced it, thinking they could hoard the blessings for themselves.

“What do you think the Source of All Love will do? They’ll invite others to the garden, those willing to cultivate and share its blessings.”

And then, gently reminding them of their own ancient wisdom, the message continued:

“Don’t you remember? ‘The essence you dismissed as irrelevant is the very essence that could liberate you.’ It’s miraculous and beautiful when realized. Therefore, I say to you, the Realm of Divine Possibilities will be opened to those who are willing to bring forth its fruits into the world. For this essence, this cornerstone, will either break open your heart to new realities or become a stumbling block if you resist.”

Hearing this, the traditionalists and dogmatists knew they were being called out. They wanted to silence this wisdom but were afraid, for the many who listened found in these words the hope of a prophet.

Dinner Table Conversation

Moment of Intention

Benediction – The Prayer of the One

Inside every one of us is the nature of God, the incomprehensible One whose Spirit is all around us,
who has set the worlds into motion, who has revealed to us how we are to live with one another.
As citizens of this world and caretakers of creation, let us take only what we need, and share all that we can with one another.
In forgiving ourselves for the times that we have missed the mark, let us also forgive the debts and the times when others have missed that mark.
For in times of trouble and fear, the shared love of one another will see us through it all.
Together, let us seek to evolve the human condition,
so that we can awaken the true self, the Christ inside us all.
Remembering that Christ is our Path, God is our Light, and the Spirit is our Strength.

So say we all. Amen.

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