The Twelve Commandments | Exodus 20: 1-4, 7-9, 12-17 – Collective Edition

Then the Divine Within whispered these truths:

I am the Sacred that’s alive in you, having guided you out of your own confinements, out of the cages you built for yourselves. Don’t confine your soul by prioritizing any lesser gods—like greed, hatred, or fear—over the God within.

Do not create false idols, be they materialistic or dogmatic. Idols can’t be in heaven above, the earth beneath, or the waters below, for God is beyond these dichotomies. Respect the power of possibility that resides within yo, for to misuse it to lose sight of God.

Take time to rest as a moment to honor the Sacred within and without you. Work diligently for the time allotted to you, but use your off time as a celebration of your authentic self and the God that resides within engaging in times of physical and spiritual enrichment. 

Honor the memory of those who brought you into this world—not just parents by blood, but also the mentors, leaders, and the chosen families who’ve shaped you—so that you may thrive in the community that the Divine within has entrusted to you.

Do not extinguish another’s life.

Do not breach the sanctity of committed relationships.

Do not take what is not yours to take.

Do not speak untruths about others.

Do not envy another’s home, relationships, or belongings. Coveting disrupts your own relationship with the God within.

“Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.” – Dr. Brand

  1. How do you identify and free yourself from the cages of greed, hatred, or fear, to truly honor the God within?
  2. In moments of rest and reflection, how do you celebrate your authentic self and recognize the Divine presence both within and around you?
  3. Who are the chosen families, mentors, and leaders that have shaped your journey, and how do you honor their memory in your daily walk with the God within?
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