The Path of Authentic Living: A Divine Invitation to Turn and Truly Live | Ezekiel 18: 1-4, 25-32Collective Edition

In the embrace of divine love, this revelation comes to us: Why do you say that if one generation eats bitter fruit, the next feels its bite? Hear this, my spiritual community: that old saying will find no home here. Every soul is a universe unto itself, connected yet free, belonging to the Divine that dwells within us. Life isn’t about laying blame on previous generations; it’s about awakening your own inner Messiah, the authentic self.

If one walks this earth in their authentic self, respecting boundaries, sharing their gifts with the hungry and clothing the vulnerable, acting in true justice and living in harmony with the Universe, that one is walking the path of the authentic self. Their life becomes a flowering of spiritual grace.

To those who have lost their way: it’s never too late. If you turn from your missteps and start embodying the divine love that’s within you, you’ll find life anew. Your past won’t define you; your awakening will.

And to those who think they’ve figured it all out: beware. If you leave your path of righteousness to walk one that causes harm, your previous deeds won’t save you. Every moment calls for your authentic self.

So, don’t ask if the path of divine love is unjust. Instead, reflect on your own life, your own choices. It’s your actions, your ways, that need to be in harmony with the Universe.

Therefore, community, let’s renew ourselves. Let’s embody the Christ within us by acting in ways that resonate with divine love. Discard the old habits that weigh you down, and embrace a new heart, a renewed spirit. Why stray from life? I find no joy in anyone’s spiritual death. So turn, and live—truly live.

“What do you think his reaction would be if someone informed him that everything he had formerly known was illusion and delusion, but that now he was a few steps closer to reality, oriented now toward things that were more authentic, and able to see more truly?”
― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave

  1. In what ways are you currently walking the path of your authentic self, and how does this align with the practices of respecting boundaries, aiding others, and living harmoniously?
  2. Considering the cautionary note about thinking one has “figured it all out,” in what areas of your life might you need to stay open to continued growth?
  3. How does the notion of every moment calling for your authentic self challenge or reinforce your current day-to-day decisions?
  4. How do you interpret the phrase “turn, and live—truly live”? What changes might you need to make to live more authentically and fully?
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