Embracing Change and Conflict Through Authentic Community

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.Marie Curie


Collective Call to Prayer: Based on Ezekiel 33:7-11 | Collective Version

We, who see the power of possibility as we gaze out into the cosmos, the One who made all things wishes for all creation to thrive and not shrivel. Knowing this truth, if we do not live our life authentically in the fullness of possibility so that others may see God through us, then we shrivel away into oblivion, recycled into the stars themselves. But if we live our lives in the fullness of our authentic selves, shining our light into the darkness of others, we and those we reach will collectively thrive in the fullness of salvation.

Now we, awakened to the fullness of possibility, when we hear others say, “How can we thrive and break free from the self-destructive loops caused by our internal and collective wounds?” We must respond, “The One who made all things does not wish for us to live in a poverty of spirit, yoked by the generational wounds inflicted on our soul. We must seek the inward path and awaken the possibility within, for the power to break free from our self-destructive loops has always been inside us. Seek a community of people who will embrace and see into our authentic selves, and we shall live in the fullness of possibility. Thrive with others in community, and we shall not taste death.”

So, say we all. Amen!  

Mindful Moment

Words of Wisdom: Matthew 18: 15-20 | Collective Edition

If a community member you love does something that hurts you, do not keep it in or respond in kind; instead, be vulnerable with them and share, in private, what hurt you. If they continue to act the same, seek the help of a few trusted community members to be with you when you once again share your feelings with your aggressor; that way, in the loving presence of others, you avoid misunderstandings. If, however, your aggressor continues to behave in a manner contrary to authentic community and love, bring your grievances to the entire community. And if they, in the presence of the community, continue to act in a manner that is contrary to love, the community shall bless them and send them on their way, doing everything possible to live at peace with them. (Romans 12:18)

As you begin to live into your authentic self, awakening the Christ within, you will begin to realize that, through the internal power of infinite possibility, whatever you can imagine has the potential to take shape in this world. Therefore, if two decide to change the world as a community bound by love and possibility, God is there. And where there is a loving community of two, or three, or more living authentically in all that they do, Christ is there.

Theological Reflection

Analytic Reflection

Pastoral Prayer: Based on Psalm 119:33-40 | Collective Version

Inspire the way of love within us, O God,
and we shall become awakened to it.
Incline our hearts toward understanding,
and we will learn to love ourselves more deeply.
Instill in us Your perfect love for others,
and we will thrive on the path of authenticity.
Through that love, we are transformed,
becoming aware of our self-destructive loops.
Through understanding, we are restored,
liberating ourselves from egotism.
Validate through us Your love for others,
as we live in the truth of who are.
Liberate our lives from fear and futility,
as we live in the way of love.
Observe us, O God, as You permeate through us,
through Your love, we have become free.

So, say we all. Amen!

Moment of Intention


Communion – A Collective Meal

Open-Table Invitation

The First Meal

A Collective Meal

Prayer of the One

Inside every one of us is the nature of God, the incomprehensible One whose Spirit is all around us,
who has set the worlds into motion, who has revealed to us how we are to live with one another.
As citizens of this world and caretakers of creation, let us take only what we need, and share all that we can with one another.
In forgiving ourselves for the times that we have missed the mark, let us also forgive the debts and the times when others have missed that mark.
For in times of trouble and fear, the shared love of one another will see us through it all.
Together, let us seek to evolve the human condition,
so that we can awaken the true self, the Christ inside us all.
Remembering that Christ is our Path, God is our Light, and the Spirit is our Strength.

So say we all. Amen.

Words of Gratitude

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