Painting With Authenticity

“The artist forges himself to the others, midway between the beauty he cannot do without and the community he cannot tear himself away from. That is why true artists scorn nothing: they are obliged to understand rather than to judge.” – Albert Camus


Collective Call to Prayer: Based on Psalm 145:1-8 | Collective Edition

We celebrate the Source of All Possibility, the life force within and around us, eternally blessing the Divine Name in each moment. Daily, my soul resonates with the song of the universe, praising the Infinite that knows no limits.

We tell our stories from generation to generation, declaring the powerful deeds that emerge from embracing our true selves. We share tales of beauty and wonder, not just of ancient miracles but of the here and now, as we let the authenticity within us shine.

We sing of the might that comes from living with no reservations, embracing vulnerability and truth. We embrace the tapestry of life’s manifold experiences, recognizing that the Divine is abundant in love, ever-patient, always inviting us toward our highest selves.

Boundless love and enduring compassion fill the world around us, inviting us all to be real, to be our authentic selves. May we answer that call today and every day. 

So, say we all. Amen.

Mindful Moment

Words of Wisdom: Matthew 20:1-16 | Collective Edition

In life’s grand canvas, picture the Universe as a loving Artist, calling to us at dawn. “Come, help paint a world of love,” says the Artist. People join in, each adding their own color.

By midmorning, the Artist sees more people unsure of their worth. “Join me; you have beauty to add,” the Artist says. They join, each bringing their unique touch.

Throughout the day, the Artist keeps inviting. People come, some early, some late, but all contribute to life’s unfolding masterpiece.

At dusk, the Artist gathers everyone. “Time to honor your work.” Each receives the same gift—deep fulfillment.

Some early joiners grumble, “Is it fair? We’ve worked all day and the latecomers get the same reward?”

The Artist gently responds, “Isn’t the fulfillment of contributing to something greater, to awakening your inner Christ, the very thing you signed up for? Why begrudge others finding their way, even if late? In the tapestry of existence, every thread matters. Early or late, your authentic self is a crucial part of the collective beauty. Remember, sometimes those who find their authentic selves last, find it most deeply, and those who find it first, help pave the way for others.”

So, it’s never too late or too early to be your authentic self. In this collective artwork, every color matters, and time doesn’t define your worth.

Theological Reflection

Analytic Reflection

Open Discussion

Moment of Intention

Benediction – The Prayer of the One

Inside every one of us is the nature of God, the incomprehensible One whose Spirit is all around us,
who has set the worlds into motion, who has revealed to us how we are to live with one another.
As citizens of this world and caretakers of creation, let us take only what we need, and share all that we can with one another.
In forgiving ourselves for the times that we have missed the mark, let us also forgive the debts and the times when others have missed that mark.
For in times of trouble and fear, the shared love of one another will see us through it all.
Together, let us seek to evolve the human condition,
so that we can awaken the true self, the Christ inside us all.
Remembering that Christ is our Path, God is our Light, and the Spirit is our Strength.

So say we all. Amen.

Communion – A Collective Meal

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